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VIDEO: Dock Hellish x Starfoxlaflare - Gucci Bear

Peep this freaky visual for Dock Hellish's self-produced song "Gucci Bear" featuring Goth Money Records affiliate, Starfoxlaflare, who represents Florida and Los Angeles. This definitely isn't your average trap video. The spacey melody combined with lo-fi drums and heavy hitting 808s carry the two rappers as they exchange auto-tuned bars comparing girls to teddy bears, more specifically "Gucci Bears", emphasizing the luxury of designer fashion. The concept of the song is so unique, it's no surprise the video is so abstract.

The video was shot on location at Freak City LA, which provided the perfect atmosphere for a abnormal but creative trap song like "Gucci Bear" with all the designer references. The video was directed and edited by @WETHEPARTYSEAN, and hosted on his Proxclusiv Media Youtube channel with over 100,000 subscribers. Check out the video, run it up if you fuck with it, and be ready more videos and other content from SlumpSquad artists.

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