[MIXTAPE] Drift Wave - Slump Grimey (Prod. Drift The Dean)

August 17, 2018


       One of the original founders of what is now SlumpSquadWaveyGang, Slump Grimey, has a new wave to put yall on. The "Drift Wave". The title references the producer & engineer of the whole project, Drift The Dean, who provided Slump Grimey with an array of wavey dark trap beats to leave dead throughout the project. Codeine is a main theme in the tape with song titles like "Hol Up Po Up" and "2 Pintz". Slump Grimey conveys the lifestyle of an authentic drank sipper which is refreshing compared to a lot of new music where rappers reference codeine and have no clue what they're talking about.

       Slump Grimey's bars take you through the real ups and downs of sipping lean without promoting abuse, its a real look into the lifestyle. This is definately a S.S.W.G. approved tape to check out due to it's unique production from Drift The Dean and of course Slump Grimey's witty lyrics and vocals.    










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