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DoE! - Izzy Izz

Izzy Izz proves he's a real up-and-comer who's not quitting with his newest track, "DoE!", an auto-tune banger. Izzy Izz reps New Jersey and is a member of the NJ Gremlins/Vision973 collective, also going by the alias "973 Savage". Even though Izzy is the 973 Savage, in "DoE!" we hear his versatility through softer, laid back singing and melodic flows. ZAUVAGE BEATZ pianos and bells along with Izzy's wild harmonies throughout the whole 3 minute track make for a instant banger. Just listen to this shit yourself, it's fire.

Cover taken by @cgthekid_

Izzy Izz Instagram: @973savage

Izzy Izz Twitter: @IzzyIzzMusic

You can find Izzy Izz music on all platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)


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