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Pick Up - Zellyocho x Lil Tracy x Hunchozz (prod. 16yrold x xangang)

Cleveland rappers Zellyocho & Hunchozz teamed up with Lil Tracy for a short, catchy track about something we all love... money. Pitched up hi-hat rolls come in and out over the synth melody and short distorted 808 hits as the 3 artists lay their auto-tuned flows. The credit of this fye production is due to 16yrold and xangang. Both those producers alone cook up gas, but their collab together on this beat is some untouchable sauce. The 3 artists exchange bars about cash and authentic trap shit, you can tell they are serious about their gwap. Each rapper brings some of their own sauce to the table in this track. Stay on the lookout for Zellyocho and Hunchozz, both have been dropping serious heat and have been getting major cosigns.

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